Accrediting Bodies

American Polygraph Association

​We are accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA).  Established in 1966, the American Polygraph Association is the world's leading association dedicated to the use of evidence-based scientific methods for credibility assessment.  

British & European Polygraph Association

​We are accredited by the British & European Polygraph Association (BEPA), which is the largest organization of its type in Britain and the rest of Europe. The BEPA encourages professional polygraph examiners those involved in the detection of deception, around the world to join its ever increasing numbers. The BEPA governs the conduct of its members by requiring adherence to a Code of Ethics and a set of Standards and Principles of Practice.

European Polygraph Association

​​We are a certified polygraph academy by the European Polygraph Association (EPA). The EPA was founded in 2003, and it encourages professional polygraph examiners, and those involved in the detection of deception around the world, to join our ever increasing membership list.  The EPA is formed by professionals who perform computerized polygraph tests observing ethical, legal and scientific guarantees.

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