Academic Progress Policies


Written examinations will be administered to students to monitor their grasp of the subject matter. The results of these examinations will be documented in the student’s file. These written examinations will cover material found in presentation slides, reference materials, and lectures provided to each student. Grades on these written examinations are determined as follows:

A = 90-100%  
B = 80-89%     
C  = 75-79%      
D = 65-74%      
F = 0-64%

Following the student’s satisfactory completion of all course requirements, a certificate will be awarded attesting to the student’s achievement. Each student’s progress is tracked in the student’s records, and maintained by the Academy Director. The student may, upon written request, receive a copy of this record at any time during their attendance. The student may be given special counselling sessions either student or Director initiated, as circumstances dictate. 


Each student is expected to exercise professionalism throughout the course. Any acts of moral turpitude or dishonesty may result in suspension or dismissal from the course. Examples of such acts are criminal behavior, disruption, harassment, acts of threats or violence, cheating, theft, damage or destruction, and falsification of admission/enrollment application.


Considering the rigorous nature of these courses, some students may be unable to complete it with their initial attempt and, for these students, on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the Academy Director, readmission in a subsequent course may be available. In order for a previous student to be re-admitted into a course, the applicant must prepare a letter explaining the reason for re-admission, and detailing any corrective actions the applicant has taken in order to mitigate previous reasons for being dismissed from training.


Professionalism is expected of every student during the duration of the course. Our Academy Director may dismiss from the course any student involved in acts of dishonesty or questionable moral turpitude.


Upon successful completion of the basic polygraph course requirements, a Certificate of Graduation will be awarded to each student.