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The British Polygraph Academy Story

The Challenge

There is an increasing demand for polygraph testing in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, and yet there are only a small number of qualified examiners currently in practice.

Moreover, there are few training facilities available in the UK for private individuals. In the past people wanting to become a qualified polygraph examiner had to attend courses for a minimum of 10 weeks, mainly in the United States.

Our Solution

Our academy’s objective is to provide its students with effective education and training in the best practices of the polygraph profession right here in the United Kingdom.

This comprehensive instruction consists of the most scientifically reliable, valid, and up-to-date principles and techniques in the profession. These best practices will prepare students to perform ethical, proficient, valid, and reliable single-issue, multi-facet, and multiple-issue examinations.

The Outcome

Upon graduation from the basic polygraph examiner’s course, the students will be able to effectively conduct screening and diagnostic polygraph examinations. Our classes are designed to have a small student to teacher ratio with the goal of providing the highest quality tailor-made instruction in both classroom and laboratory settings.